Sichuan Jisheng Carry out

Sichuan Jisheng Carry out "Safety Production Month" activities

Sichuan Jisheng focuses on strengthening the epidemic prevention and control under normal conditions of safe production, in order to improve the fire awareness of all staff, enhance the staff's resilience in emergencies, improve self-protection ability, so that each employee grasps certain firefighting knowledge and the use of firefighting equipment, and master firefighting escape skills and precautions. To this end, the company organized a fire safety knowledge training and fire drill in the afternoon of June 28.

This training invited instructor Wang from Leshan Government Fire Safety Technical Training Center to our company to give a fire safety lecture on major fire cases and fire safety knowledge.

Through this training, drill and online publicity, the company's employees have strengthened their awareness of fire prevention, mastered fire-fighting skills and evacuation and escape, self-rescue methods and safety precautions, etc., and effectively improved their fire safety and ability to travel safely.

June 29, 2022


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